These Are Some of the Best Empire Building Games for iOS

Empire building games are popular due to their entertaining and strategic gameplay. There are hundreds of empire building games that have different themes, such as a medieval fantasy setting or a modern military era. 

Most of these empire games allow its players to raise buildings and cities while also trying to conquer and expand their territory. A strategy is involved in protecting your land as well as boosting your economy to sustain your empire.


The heavy involvement of strategy and planning make empire games very addictive. If you are looking for some of the best empire building games, here are some outstanding ones.

These Are Some of the Best Empire Building Games for iOS
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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires lets you build your city and expand it throughout the ages. Players start from the Stone Age and slowly upgrade the infrastructure towards modern ages and sometimes, even beyond. 

Produce supplies and trade them with your neighboring cities. Players can also capture other cities and provinces and reap the rewards. Battle it out with many other settlements and strike alliances to build a strong empire.


Forge of Empires is free to download through the App Store. It also has some features that can be purchased.

Clash of Empire: Global War

Clash of Empire is a massively multiplayer online game that lets you recruit historically famous figures such as Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, and many more. Players will have to rally their troops, build fortresses and defences against the enemy army, fend off monsters, and defeat the enemies that want to claim your land.

Specific features such as the Gold Mine will also help your economy. Recruit and use your army to conquer lands and expand your empire. Assign workers to speed up your production and upgrade your buildings and defences.


Clash of Empire can be downloaded through the App Store. It also offers a subscription valid for seven days that unlocks more features.

Empire: Age of Knights

Expand your village in Empire: Age of Knights. This medieval fantasy empire building game features a heavy focus on building your castle, promote your resources and economy as well as forging alliance. Explore the vast world that is filled with magic and discover more lands to conquer.

Produce and collect your resources to build your castle or join an alliance. Use resources to fund your army and expand your territory in this vast fantasy world. Construct walls and structures to defend your city from the incoming onslaught.

Empire: Age of Knights is a strategic war game wherein decisions are vital for the survival of your civilization.

Empires and Allies

Empires and Allies is a modern take on military strategy iPhone games. Build factories and infrastructures and deploy your army in a battle against hundreds of other players. Declare alliances and create new weapons to defeat your enemies. 

Battle it out with terrorist organizations and defend your territory using your modern weapons. This game requires quick wit and careful strategy to outwit the enemies. Developed by Zynga, Empires and Allies can be downloaded through the App Store.

SimCity Build It

These Are Some of the Best Empire Building Games for iOS
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If you want a modern take on the genre, the popular SimCity franchise is also available for download on the App Store with SimCity Build It. The game lets you build parks, bridges, and many other infrastructures to help expand and sustain your city. 

Players can design the city and build it into a bustling and thriving metropolis. Danger also looms as disasters and monster attacks can destroy your city.

Players can also compete and strategize with each other. Send monsters and unleash disasters on neighboring cities to claim the land. Complete weekly challenges and earn rewards to fund your city.


Amass mighty armies, control the battlefield, and expand your empire. These are just a few of the objectives when you play these empire-building iOS games

While most are set in a medieval fantasy setting, there are also great options for those who want to play a more modern setup while the use of strategy remains.