Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper

With so many first-person shooter games out there, I've grown so tired of playing these games that I had to search for a unique game to play. 

I then discovered a unique mobile game that lets me live out my zombie apocalypse fantasy through Last Hope Sniper. Get ready for one of the best first-person shooter games on mobile with Last Hope Sniper.


To learn more about this awesome mobile game, check out the following:

  • Zombie-Killing Fun
  • Loads Of Missions
  • Upgrade To Better Weapons
  • Ready Yourself
  • Go For The Head
  • Progress Through The Story Mode
Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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Zombie-Killing Fun

Last Hope Sniper is a first-person zombie shooter mobile game from JE Software. Gear up as you enter this apocalyptic world infested with zombies and deadly enemies that roam this wasteland. Not only do you have to deal with the undead, but you also have raiders that intend to kill and loot you for money.

Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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In this world, it is killed or be killed, and only you can save this world. Fight against zombies and rescue survivors using your skills and wit. Only you stand between the total annihilation of humanity from the zombie outbreak.


Downloading Last Hope Sniper

Get ready to play this non-stop action zombie game by downloading Last Hope Sniper on Android or iOS devices. The game is available to download at the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Search for the title of the game and tap Install to begin download. The game also has an in-game store that allows in-app purchases.

Loads Of Missions

At first, I thought Last Hope Sniper was one of those games that offered senseless use of violence to kill zombies, but there are different missions for each stage of the game. 

Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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There are over 150 missions to complete, and each one of them will require you to strategize and think outside the box. Having these challenges changes the way I think of zombie games and has ultimately made me love this game. 

New missions are also added to the game in each update. This makes the game even more challenging and refreshing as more missions with varying objectives are being incorporated.

Unlock New Skills

You might be surprised that Last Hope Sniper also has a very extensive set of skills for players to choose and master. 

There are more than 25 skills to unlock and choose from, which involves the use of shock bullets, poison grenades, defensive power shields, and other devastating skills like grenade launchers and missile strikes.

These skills can be unlocked once you reach a certain point in the game and if you have enough experience and coins. Make good use of these skills, especially in the latter stages of the game, as more and more enemies apart from zombies become more prominent.

Upgrade To Better Weapons

As I've mentioned, there are different types of zombies and many other creatures and human enemies in this game. Some zombies are durable but are weak against certain types of weapons. 

Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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There are also human enemies that hide behind defensive structures, which can be challenging to shoot if you have a weak weapon. 

Make sure to upgrade your weapons from time to time. This allows your character to eliminate zombies and other enemies easily as you progress through the game. 

I would immediately know that it is time to upgrade my weapons when a few bullets do not immediately kill a zombie.

And Even More Features

There are several more things that I like about playing Last Hope Sniper. Not only does the environment have some of the most realistic graphics, but the game also features impact animation. I can feel the impact of zombies hitting me or from a nearby explosion.

Many of us want the most realistic deaths, especially from zombies, as I pull off a perfect headshot. The kill shot camera is where Last Hope Sniper truly shines. I get to relive the moment where I get that awesome headshot on a zombie.

Apart from that, Last Hope Sniper's controls also feel very fluid and intuitive that makes shooting zombies very easy. Lastly, the game features an offline mode, so even if I'm not connected to the internet, I can still progress in the game.

Ready Yourself

When I first started playing Last Hope Sniper, I often got overwhelmed by the incoming horde of zombies. The first few levels of the game can be very challenging for new players, especially those who are not fond of playing horror survival or first-person shooter games. 

Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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I have to contend with different zombies coming from all sides, but I also need to finish my mission and make sure that I get enough ammunition to get through to the next level. 

With that in mind, here are some things that would help you get through to some of the more challenging parts of the game.

Slow But Deadly

New players might think that zombies are pretty slow in the game, and you can easily run around them. Never underestimate the zombies in this game. They might be slow, but they are also very deadly.

Not only that, they come in hordes and can overwhelm you in a matter of seconds if you are not careful. They also pack a punch and can easily take you down with just a couple of swipes. Be sure to position yourself first before you start shooting them and place a good amount of distance between you and those zombies.

Run around if you have to to create distance. Once you are in a safe spot, start shooting them down and make sure to scan the area afterward to avoid some surprise attacks.

Go For The Head

As with many other zombie games, headshots are always the most effective way of dealing with zombies. It immediately eliminates them; however, they are also quite difficult to pull off at first. Practice is the only way I can think of to shoot headshots in this game accurately.

Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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You may not be able to do headshots at the start of the game but trust me, the more you practice your headshots, the more often you will hit those zombies. 

Make sure to always be a safe distance away from zombies so you can have enough time to react and hit them in the head.

Take Cover

Last Hope Sniper may be a game infested with zombies, but there are also other opponents that are out to get you. Apart from the various zombies, I also get to deal with several other creatures and some human enemies. The human enemies are more challenging than the zombie ones as they have their weapons and can shoot me from a distance.

If you are up against human enemies, make sure to take cover when they start shooting at you. This is why having good positioning is vital in this game. Take cover and make sure to keep on moving when dealing with humans.

There are also situations where you will have both zombies and human enemies all at the same time. The best way to do this is to quickly eliminate the zombies in front of you then deal with the shooters from afar afterward. Be careful not to get trapped in a corner, as zombies can still swarm you.

Progress Through The Story Mode

There are many ways to progress through the game but based on my experience, the best way to progress is to play through the story mode. 

Learn How To Unlock Skills In The Last Hope Sniper
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Not only does the game have a compelling survival story, but it also provides some of the best rewards for the player. Playing through the story mode grants more experience and money. 

This ultimately means that I get to purchase new weapons or upgrade the ones that I like. The story mode also allows me to accomplish the challenges a lot quicker, thus granting me more experience. 

I also get to find extra equipment such as grenades and landmines by playing through the story mode and scouting through different areas.

Practice Shooting With The Rifle

As the title of the game goes, your best weapon is your sniper rifle. It has one of the best fire powers in the game. The rifle also gives you a lot of safety by firing it from a distance.

Practice shooting with the rifle at the start of the game, and you will be rewarded with experience in the game. It may be a bit wonky at first, but with enough practice, you should be able to shoot with the rifle perfectly within a few minutes, thanks to the game's very intuitive controls.


If you are a fan of zombie games, Last Hope Sniper is the type of game you are looking for. The realistic environment and the challenging zombie survival aspect of the game will surely hook you to play for countless hours every day.