Everything to Know About D&D Audio

It makes you feel like a whole other world is possible; Dungeons and Dragons is the epitome of a role-playing game. And having accompanying audio brings a whole other layer that can transport you to another world. 

What do you know about the Dungeons and Dragons audio packs? There is much to find out about the DnD game here, as well as how you can make your games more exciting with sound.


You can find out more about the Dungeons and Dragons audio by reading below. Info on the subscriptions and how much they cost can be found here. Read on to find out how to access them today.

Everything to Know About D&D Audio
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SuperSyrin Subscriptions

There are a number of places that you can find the Dungeons and Dragons audio through SuperSyrin Subscription. Here you have online access to the audio features that you can play around with. You also have access to a library of audio that is rather dramatic.

To get the best deal on the subscription, you have to pay at least $10.99 monthly to enjoy these specific features. And you can get the audios through two routes when it comes to SuperSyrin.


First, you can choose to go to the website through your PC and find out how you can pay for the subscription. The other way is to download the app from the Google Play Store through your Android mobile device. 

Either one of the two routes that you choose offers the same service and you can find a number of audios that you should enjoy. You generally get an immerse, dynamic sound when it comes to this app with Dungeons and Dragons players preferring the tabletop game audio provider.

Dungeons and Dragons Subscription

If you are looking for audios that are categorically suited for this specific game, you can check out the game’s subscription. Here, you are likely to get content that makes the game interesting.


Audios aren’t that far off when it comes to spice up any game. And you have a number of audio features that make the gameplay better. You have audios that fit almost every stage of the game to make it livelier.

To subscribe to the content, you need to part with at least $7.15 on a monthly basis. You also get access to Syrinscape Fantasy library access which offers you a wide array of tunes.


You can’t play an epic game and not expect to have some music in the back of your game. With Dungeons and Dragons, you get access to some of the epic sounds that will certainly spice up the game. 

And you have different audio sounds that you will enjoy, such as the following.

Lost Mines of Phandelver

This is one of the longest stages of the game that you have to endure and you have an epic sound to back it up.

D&D Essentials Box - Dragon of Icespire Peak

Everything to Know About D&D Audio

Warrior comes up against a dragon in this part of DnD, and with the right tune, this part could be a sweet win. Here are some of the sound packs you get in this set.

  • Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
  • Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus
  • Dungeons of the Mad Mage
  • Ghost of Saltmarsh
  • D&D Creatures
  • Waterdeep

Try It for Free

You can also try out the audios for free through the DnD subscription. This is where you get a feel of what you’ll be getting when you finally decide to spend money on it. 

The free subscription doesn’t give you as much free-scroll around as the paid subscription. You need to go to the Syrinscape website and click on the 'Try Now for Free', green button.


When you play a game as epic as Dungeons and Dragons, you need to have the best tunes to back it up. 

With a site like Syrinscape, you can have access to audio that will make your gameplay out of this world.