Everything to Know About the Simulation Game Third World Farmer

If you have been playing mobile games for a while, you probably have noticed that there are a lot of games where you play against an AI. Some of these games are mostly AI-driven or simulation games. 

There are a lot of benefits to playing simulation games, especially farming simulation games. One of which is the satisfaction you get out of building something that you've worked hard on. 


These games take a lot of effort, time, excellent decision-making skills, and the right timing. This is also the reason why these games are top-rated. One of the best farming games is Third World Farmer. Read on to learn more about this simulation game.

Everything to Know About the Simulation Game Third World Farmer
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What Is Third World Farmer?

Third World Farmer is a farming simulation game developed by Creative Spark Studios. The game lets players take on the role of a farmer situated in a third world country where resources are scarce. The difficulty is comparable to the situation within a third world country. 

It lets players make crucial decisions based on the varying situations that their farm experiences. Players will have to experience diseases, wars, droughts, corruption, unrelenting market instability, and many other socio-economic issues that plague a third world country today.


Enduring the Hardships

Third World Farmer is a game based on the harsh reality that our friends in a third world country experience. It is designed to be empathetic as well as an eye-opening opportunity for many people to endure the countless hardships when dealing with a farm.

Players are set to manage a farmer's family and make difficult choices based on their current situations. Much of these situations include sending the kids to school or letting them help on the farm. 

Some situations could be marrying young to get a dowry and help the farm financially, or stay and help the family with the upcoming harvest. These situations entail a lot of decision-making and making the right decision. These decisions will ultimately affect the outcome of the game.


Expand Your Farm

Players can also expand their farm by buying tools and types of machinery to help improve their family's productivity. This also increases their profit.

Players can also build a well and other structures that will help defend your farm. Once you have saved enough profit, you can invest in building roads and schools as well as clinics to improve your local area. This will ultimately help the entire community.

Risks and Rewards

There are risks involved in venturing out and expanding your farm. Chances are, you will encounter some economic issues or risky deals that may result in financial problems. This is where your decision-making skills are tested as a player. 

One must learn how to balance risks with rewards to play a good game. With its real-world situations, Third World Farmer is a highly educational and thought-provoking farming game that allows its players to be more open to other people's plight. 

The game's goal is to have everyone play the game and reflect on its challenges for people to understand.

How to Download the App

Everything to Know About the Simulation Game Third World Farmer
Image Source: Common Sense Media

You can download Third World Farmer from the Google Play Store if you have an Android device, and you can download the game from the App Store if you have an Apple device. 

In order to download this game, just go to the Google Play site, and search for “Third World Farmer”. Then, once you have found the game, you can purchase it and download it, and start playing.


Third World Farmer is a massive farming simulation game that has been available for purchase since 2005. It can be purchased for a price of around $4 and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. 

Through this game, people should be more open to the adversities of the people in third world countries. Download Third World Farmer to start testing your skills now!