How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D

If you have always dreamt of being a ninja, then we have an excellent solution for you. You can now be a ninja without having to sneak around in the dark; you can use your mobile phone. At first glance, I immediately rolled my eyes at the thought of another boring simplistic mobile game. 

But that's not the case with Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D. Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D offers a unique take on hack-and-slash games, and the best part of it all is that you can play it on your mobile. 


I played the game for a couple of hours, and here are my thoughts, especially on how you can get free cash in the game:

  • What To Do In Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
  • Get Cash In Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
  • Finish Each Level Perfectly
  • Complete The Quests
  • Take A Chance
  • Strike At The Right Time
How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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What To Do In Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D is a hack-and-slash mobile game where I play as a ninja. I play with a sword as my weapon, and my main goal is to jump onto different platforms and take out the enemy ninjas. To eliminate them, I must attack them first before they can swing their sword at me.

How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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There are many ways to approach different enemies in this game. I can, for instance, make effective use of swinging my sword quickly. There are even times when I can slice a bullet in half if I am quick enough. If I don't stop the bullet, I will never get to the real enemy. 


Playing this game is somewhat different from the usual hack-and-slash game as it rewards players who have perfect timing. Sometimes perfect timing is not enough, and you will have to find a different approach to eliminating your enemy. 

If that is the case, then I suggest that you get yourself a new sword. You can buy a new sword with the cash rewards that you receive after finishing each level.

Downloading The Game

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D is a free-to-play mobile game from Casual Azur Games. The game is readily available for download at the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.


Download the game by tapping Install and Open to launch the game after the installation. The game contains ads and in-app purchases. You can use the in-app purchases to remove the ads, so if you want a game without any ads, I suggest using that in-app purchase.

Get Cash In Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D

Upon finishing each level, I earn a little bit of cash in the game. Cash can be used to purchase different items and unlock other rewards. Players must know where they can get free cash in Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D. 

How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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Cash can change the way you play the game. Here are some of the things that you can try to get free cash in this game.

Play The Game

Probably the most basic way to get cash in the game is to play the game. Each level will reward you with a good amount of cash. After finishing each round, you are given a choice to either watch an ad to earn more cash or continue to the next level.

The more you play the game, the more cash you earn. At a certain point in the game, the rewards become bigger, so keep on playing the game until you receive enough cash to purchase your favorite weapon.

Finish Each Level Perfectly

While I already mentioned that playing the game will help you earn cash, finishing each level with a perfect streak will reward you with bonus cash. Do stunts or perform a complex move to eliminate the enemies. 

How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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At the end of the level, the game will recognize your smooth moves and give out a hefty amount of cash as a reward. Just be careful when doing these moves, especially if you are still new to the game. 

It helps to practice a move repeatedly, so you don't have to risk losing all of the bonus rewards that you have accumulated.

Watch Ads

I know that you might not want to spend time watching the in-game ads but believe me, it is worth it. The game needs to earn revenue, and watching those ads will not only support the developers, but it also rewards you with more cash.

Sometimes, the ads give out as much as 150 cash after watching one ad. It also unlocks certain rewards that are not available in the store, so it is a good idea to start watching those ads.

What I usually do is let the ad play in the background while I do something else. After the ad, I get back into the game and collect the rewards.

Complete The Quests

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D offers different quests that players can complete in each level. Playing a few levels will earn you a little bit of cash; however, playing continuously and achieving all the necessary tasks from the quests will land you a good amount of cash and free items.

How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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You will notice that a bar appears at the top of the screen once you finish a level. The bar indicates how many levels need to be finished first before I can get my rewards. 

The rewards are free cash most of the time, but the game could reward you with some rare items and skins as soon as you reach the threshold.

Use Cash To Buy Weapons And Trails

Now that you know how to earn free cash in this game, it is time to tell you how to use the cash to gain an advantage. You can spend your hard-earned cash in numerous ways, one of which is that you can buy weapons with your cash.

Weapons are helpful when dealing with difficult opponents in this game. I have to deal with four or more opponents in higher levels, and a good weapon will help me eliminate them all at once.

I also get to purchase weapon trails using the cash that I earned. Weapon trails don't provide any extra damage to the weapon; they are just for cosmetic purposes. But who wouldn't want to look fabulous while taking out their enemies?

Take A Chance

At the in-game store, you will notice two options at the bottom of the screen. The right option features an opportunity to watch an ad so that you can get more cash. The left option gives you the option to take a chance, and you might score a random item.

How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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You will need to spend your hard-earned cash to take this chance. Most of the time, it costs around 500 cash to enable this option. If you are willing to risk it, you might be greatly rewarded with a rare item.

Those who have enough cash can try numerous times to get rare items. This is why I urge you to collect as much cash in the game as possible.

Get Superpowers

Another great way to spend your cash is to use them to get superpowers. There are three main superpowers in this game - poison, tomahawks, and lasers. Each of these superpowers has its own use in the game.

Poison slowly cripples all the enemies in front of you, which is great for taking them down. Tomahawks help eliminate a difficult opponent much easier. Lasers, on the other hand, are used to immediately zap all of your opponents.

Use these superpowers wisely. They cost a lot of cash in the game and should only be used in dire situations.

Strike At The Right Time

Playing this game will need proper timing. Enemies will always be running towards you, and it is up to you to find the perfect timing to strike while running and swinging their weapons. Many new players would hold their weapons in front of them and hope for the best.

How To Get Free Cash On Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D
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While this may be done in the early stages of the game, it becomes more complicated later on. Make good use of your weapon and strike at the right time. Do this while you are jumping towards the platform instead of when you land.

This will give you the time to swing your weapon and land your hit perfectly. When dealing with multiple enemies, make sure to swing from the side instead of swinging from above. This will help you hit multiple enemies with just one swing.

Don't Use Trails

You might be tempted to purchase weapon trails to make your weapon look more impressive. I would suggest that you try to disable or avoid using trails as much as possible. 

They are pretty distracting, especially in higher levels where the enemies are more difficult.

You can always equip weapon trails, but fewer distractions on the screen are much more crucial than aesthetics.


As much as many would want to dismiss it as a simple mobile game, Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 3D found success in merging two different genres. Many other games would want to share the same success story, but there can only be one mobile game that started it all. 

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you should very well be a highly skilled ninja.