Check Out this MTG Dungeons and Dragons Crossover

Bring on, dungeons, dragons, ghosts, and other fighty things to blast. Over the years, there have been a number of crossover games that have come up and this is to improve the gamers' experience. 

For example, the crossover between Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons was one that was received well by most gamers. This offers the chance to have battling warlocks and dragons in the same space.


The idea for the crossover was initially looked upon in 2016, and only some years later are gamers seeing the real thing. We're going to tell you about it next.

Check Out this MTG Dungeons and Dragons Crossover
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To find out more about this much-anticipated crossover, that should be an interesting concept, you definitely need to read below. 

Info on the overall experience of the crossover between Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons can also be found here. You also get to find out about some of the features and characters involved in the game as well.


About This Crossover

The first time this crossover was even thought about was way back in 2016 as a couple of experiments were done by the Wizards of the Coast in an effort to bring the magic setting to D&D. This experiment was decided on following the Magic set Battle for Zendikar. 

This was released as an online document first of all. And the document was a PDF format known as Plane Shift: Zendikar that had a whole host of smattering character options to choose from. 

This is set to introduce the Dungeons and Dragons in the world of Zendikar. That, however, was just an experiment to see how exactly the idea of having magic in D&D would ever go. 


This went on to offer a different set of other formats before it got to this stage. One that was the ultimate success was Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. 

That success went to inspire a few more ideas of magic being thrown into the Dungeons and Dragons settings. You then had Mythic of Theros who had all the elements of the perfect supplement. 

But ultimately, this crossover was bound to happen and fans were happy when it was finally announced. 


 The first thing that you’ll notice with this crossover is that an entirely new world has been imported here. And it isn’t anything that you may have seen before, the whole setup is from outside the game. 

This makes it easy to now see the whole making of the game’s multiverse. Another part of the game that gets a whole new change is the Core Set that is usually released in the Summer. 

This is when new players can join the game by having a set. The set is joined at the lower levels of complexity and you also have a number of reprints too during this time. 

Characters Involved

The characters that you’ll find interesting with this new offering are the Japanese monsters you’re used to. 

If you have ever watched a Japanese movie or animation, you may easily relate the characters here. you have the likes of Godzilla, Ghidorah, and Mothra too featuring. 

Game Set-Up

Since 2020 has offered a new concept with the idea of social distancing, the developers of games are taking that into consideration. You can only play the tabletop version if you are sure to adhere to the health directives. 

If not, Magic’s Arena is the online version of the game that you can take part in. the mobile version of the game is expected to hit the market late 2020, however. 

This is due to the popularity that the game has enjoyed this far. And Magic  Arena’s mobile app should soon be available. And you’ll need the official campaign too if you are to set up your party in the two worlds. 

Check Out this MTG Dungeons and Dragons Crossover
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After a lot of excitement to the whole idea that there would be a coming together of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, it has finally happened. 

You now have warlocks who are quite intense and can summon power from almost every element available in the game. So, finally, a befitting way to finally incorporate magic to D&D settings, gamers love it.