Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations

Many people have slowly discovered that gaming is a way of life. I think part of what makes this lifestyle so attractive is the gaming rooms that provide comfort, convenience, and style to the owner. However, one cannot simply make a gaming room without the proper inspiration.


In this guide, you will also learn what it needs to set up your own gaming room. If you plan to build your own gaming room, here are some of the best gaming room inspirations.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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Dungeons And Dragons Game Room

Dungeons and Dragons has always been one of the staples in the gaming industry. This large-scale role-playing game has spanned decades and is one of the best games that bring friends together. The trick here is to focus on acquiring medieval or fantasy-inspired furniture and decoration.


Hang weapons and shields for display, and you can even print out some of the best characters in Dungeons and Dragons and make a canvas out of it. I also suggest printing out the different factions in the game and making a poster to decorate the walls.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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You may also add a monitor alongside a gaming console or PC nearby so your friends can always play other games while waiting for the others to come. Ensure to put a large round table at the center of the room where you and your friends can gather.


Star Wars Gaming Room: Sci-Fi Feel

Star Wars is a common theme for gaming rooms. However, I always want to make things more interesting by adding some personal touches to the overall design. You can draw inspiration from many other designs but do try to add some of your own ideas.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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Stickers and posters are a great way to make the room feel unique and inclusive. If you have a bigger budget, I recommend adding some tube lights and purchasing TIE fighters or other Star Wars franchise stars to bring out the unique atmosphere.

You can even try to add lightsabers made from fluorescent lights. Add some cool vintage posters from the classic movies, and you should be good to go. You can even go as far as adding fake windows that show off the outer space to make it feel like you are inside an Empire Starship.

Game Room Or Library?

Another great idea for a game room is to merge it with a library theme. Of course, you can always add more books to the entire ensemble, but it is far more appropriate if you replace the books with game cartridges instead.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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This library of games makes the entire gaming room a sanctuary for gamers. This lets you store all of the games that you have collected over the years inside your personal space.

Add to the entire theme, place tall cabinets and add some classic lighting to the whole room. You may even add wood furniture to complete the whole look.

Neon Gaming Room: The 80s Experience

Lighting is key to a gaming room; however, it can be pretty expensive to purchase lighting for such a specific purpose. This is the reason why a lot of gaming rooms today often incorporate neon lights.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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Neon lights are very affordable and immediately change the atmosphere of the room. The best way to place these neon lights is in the corners of the room or around spaces where it does not offer direct lighting.

Add neon signages to your backdrop and bring this 80s gaming room to life.

The Basic Gaming Room: The Simple Kind Of Life

As I've mentioned above, lighting is the key to having the best gaming room. Always pick a lighting system that works best for you. Remember that there is no need to install the lighting on your wall.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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A decent lamp or a few gaming paraphernalia is all it takes to make the basic gaming room. Tidy up your place, introduce the perfect lighting, and make sure to feature some great gaming posters in the background.

You can also decorate your walls with a wallpaper pattern similar to the games you like playing. It wouldn't have to cost you a thousand dollars just to set up the basic gaming room.

Gaming Room With Home Theater: Bringing The Surround Sound Experience

Whoever said you can't bring the cinema into your gaming room? Make good use of the space by incorporating the cinema experience into your gaming room.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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While this type of gaming room demands that you spend more money on a surround sound system and a huge screen, it can be a worthwhile experience as you hit two birds with one stone.

Most of the games today have the cinematic experience, so what better way to play the games that you like inside your gaming room than bringing the surround sound experience along with it.

Tron-Themed Game Room

Much like the neon gaming room, this Tron-themed game room embodies 80s nostalgia. What makes it different from the neon game room is that this Tron-themed gaming room has a darker tone than the fresh and vibrant neon gaming room.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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Tron takes on the darker shades of neon by incorporating a black background that features several neon lights. Attach these lights in strategic places within a dark black room to add to the theme.

The key element here is lighting. Make sure to purchase the proper RGB lighting to capture the entire feel of the room.

Command Center Game Room

Many hardcore gamers have this kind of setup. The Command Center game room often features many high spec computers, including three or more monitors stacked together to form a command center-like setup.  Many gamers often need monitors to see different aspects of their game.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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Those who stream their games would also want to check in on their viewers, so they most likely need another monitor for that. There isn't much going on in the background, but this type of gaming room is often geared more towards the hardcore gamers who are willing to spend a lot of money.

If you have to add other features in the room, put up some wall art from your favorite character in the games that you play and make sure that they are featured prominently within the room.

Arcade-Style Game Room

One of my favorite gaming rooms is one where I get to incorporate different eras of gaming inside a single room. This arcade-style game room features different types of gaming.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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There's an arcade on the side with a few tables at the center. Add some light fixtures to make the atmosphere feel like an arcade. The room can even be divided into sections for new and old games. Hang some classic images or print-outs from your favorite in-game characters from the old games.

The theme here is to make it as chaotic as possible with all the light fixtures, arcade cabinets, neon signages, and bustling sounds like what you experience within an arcade.

The Living Room

Speaking of inviting friends over for some gaming sessions, what better way to accommodate your friends than by making your living room into a gaming room as well. Place a large screen and an oversized couch with a small table in front to provide a cozy place for your guests.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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Add some posters to the wall or show off your action figures on a shelf nearby for your guests to check out. Make room for a gaming console below the monitor. Use an existing cabinet to store your consoles and other gadgets that are not in use.

Place some decorative lighting fixtures around the room to brighten up the room instead of using the main light from the living room. This makes the entire living room a much cozier place to play and have fun with friends.

Setting Up A Gaming Room

Gamers need an exclusive area to play and enjoy the games that they love. However, not every room can be a gaming room. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before setting up a gaming room.

Check Out 10 Gaming Room Inspirations
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First, consider the size of the room as you will need space for all of your paraphernalia as well as enough space to move around. This is very important if you want your gaming room to accommodate guests as well. Speakers and gaming chairs are two essential things apart from your main gear.

We all know that comfort should be prioritized when gaming, so having a gaming chair should be at the top of your priority list. Lastly, the budget should always come to mind when making your gaming room. Be sure to get a lot of inspiration from the examples given above and see which ones are suited for your budget.


Gaming rooms don't have to be expensive. There are a lot of gaming room inspirations to look at and see which ones fit your budget. Gaming rooms should provide comfort and an exclusive space for playing video games.