Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter

Are you fond of playing classic arcade alien shooter games like Galaga? If that's the case, I'm pretty sure that you will love Space Shooter.

Space Shooter is a modernized version of the classic old-school alien shooter game. With almost 200 challenging levels, huge bosses, and multiplayer modes, Space Shooter takes the classic game to a whole new level.


Get to learn more about Space Shooter in the article below.

  • Stop the Alien Invaders
  • Playing Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
  • Don't Forget the Multipliers
  • Destroy All Enemies
  • Unlock Difficulty for More Rewards
  • Finish Quests
Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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Stop the Alien Invaders

Space Shooter is a mobile shooter game where you pilot a ship and fend off alien invaders. Each level presents different challenges and bosses which will test your skills and wit.

Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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With stunning ship designs, you can even upgrade them using your gold coins or crystals to fire even more missiles and lasers to the enemy.


The game also features a multiplayer mode where you can invite your friends and reach the highest score possible to join the leaderboard.

Space Shooter is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.

Getting Started

To play Space Shooter, you will need to control your spaceship as you dodge enemy bullets by sliding left and right or moving forward or backward. Use different spaceships with unique firepower and skills in different situations.


Check out boosters and power-ups along the way and increase your chances of winning the game.

Playing Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

There are a lot of ways to play Space Shooter. One of which simply involves shooting all the enemies in front of you.

Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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However, there are far more interesting ways to play the game that will truly allow you to enjoy it further.

Here are some of the tips that I have gathered to help you experience what Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is all about:

Collect Boosters as Much as Possible

When it comes to playing the game, everything is all about firepower. I notice that the moment I get to a certain level in the game, the enemies become far more menacing and difficult to shoot down. This is why boosters are needed to increase your firepower.

You will notice these boosters even at an early level. They usually drop slowly from the enemy side until it reaches your side to pick them up. Do not ignore these boosters as they will help you clear the level much faster.

These boosters increase the number of lasers that you fire to the enemy and sometimes, they even spread out in a cone so you can shoot them all enemies on the screen.

Don't Forget the Multipliers

The game can be quite messy especially during the heat of battle. While you may be busy shooting down alien ships on your screen, I would also suggest keeping an eye out on multipliers. Multipliers help increase the bonus gold coins that you receive at the end of each level.

Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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These multipliers are very similar to the aforementioned boosters. They are even considered boosters as well since they boost the amount of income you earn per level.

Collect them much like you are collecting those other boosters in the game. Some of these give me an additional 500 score while others can reach as much as 1,000.

These multipliers are randomly given so make sure to catch them all. You will then be able to tally all the bonuses that you get at the end of each level.

Upgrade Ships Immediately

From the start of the game, most of my ships only deal a bit of damage to enemies. The game progresses towards a more difficult level and I am stuck within a certain level having to deal with enemy ships swarming me. This is where I discovered that I have not been playing the game right.

The game forces you to upgrade your ships to keep up with the ever-progressing enemies. Collecting items throughout the levels will help with upgrading your chosen ship. Each upgrade boosts the ship's attack and also adds another booster.

It is essential that you try to upgrade your ship immediately after each level. There is also a bonus stat from upgrading your ship that will help you earn more scores after each level.

Destroy All Enemies

It comes as no surprise that the game wants you to finish each level perfectly. The more enemies that you destroy the more bonuses you get at the end. I know it can be challenging at times to hit and destroy all enemies but with a lot of practice, you can clear all levels perfectly.

Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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Destroying at least 50% of the enemy is a must. Meanwhile, getting at least 80% would trigger a bonus at every level. Clearing 100% of the enemies would immediately give you a certain bonus in the form of a loot box which you can open later on for surprises.

Speaking of loot boxes, open them immediately after each game to receive the rewards. Some of the rewards include crystals, more coins, and more experience. These will help you upgrade your ships much faster so you can clear each level effectively.

Look for the Blinking Red Light

While playing the game, I would notice that enemies will only come out after the blinking red light. Track down where the blinking red light would appear next as this is where the enemy ships will spawn.

You'll first notice it at the side of your screen when you're playing. Keep tabs on the blinking red light as much as possible so you can prepare yourself for the coming onslaught of enemy ships.

Sometime later on in the game, this blinking red light won't show up anymore which means that you are used to where most enemies would come out.

Unlock Difficulty for More Rewards

I also noticed that after every game, there are two other difficulties set in the game for me to unlock.

Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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I got curious as to how I can unlock this and played the game further. It wasn't until I got to finish a few more levels that the difficulty setting can be unlocked.

You can then use a more difficult setting to get more rewards after beating each level. Some of these rewards include more gold coins and a good amount of experience.

The more difficult the game is, the more rewards you'll receive.

Changing Ships

You can change ships in the middle of a fight which I usually do whenever I feel like I'm in a pinch or if I need more firepower. Changing ships is an important aspect of the game. There are advantages when you change ships: it increases your firepower and you can easily clear out enemy ships.

In later stages, this is highly effective when there are swarms of enemies that are ready to shoot you down. Changing ships also helps you deal with bosses at the end of each level since you now have better firepower than your previous one.

All you need to do to change ships is to collect the orb that contains the ship. Once you get it, you will automatically swap ships and continue with the level. You also have the option to forgo changing ships by avoiding picking up the orb.

Finish Quests

You will notice that there are a lot of menus to choose from on the home screen. Apart from the in-game store where you can purchase different items for your ship, there is also another tab that mentions quests. Quests are an integral part of the game.

Learn How to Switch Spaceships in Space Shooter
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More often, they provide a lot of rewards especially during the early stages of the game.

These rewards will help you achieve a perfect upgrade for your ship or acquire better firepower.

Never underestimate quests in this game so complete them and collect the rewards at the soonest possible time.

Watch Ads, Get Rewards

The game is overflowing with rewards. Some of them are quite easy to do while others will have players work hard. One very effective way in getting all of your upgrade needs is to watch ads.

Watching ads will help you earn extra coins and even get crystals. Make sure to tap on the Play button at the end of the level to start watching the ads. You can collect them at the end.

You can even double the bonus that you get each round by earning multipliers and other boosters after watching ads. These should be enough to help you land a better ship by the time you hit the more difficult levels in the game.


Fans of old-school games like Galactica will surely enjoy playing Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. With new combat and upgrades along the way, players now can choose the type of ships they want to take to the next level and face alien invaders.

I hope all the tips mentioned above will help you enjoy the game.