Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider

There have been plenty of mobile racing games released in the past, but none is far more exhilarating than Traffic Rider. Coming from Soner Kara, who has always developed other racing games, it is safe to say that the developers know what they're doing and what their audience wants. 

Unleash the inner racer in you and learn how to play Traffic Rider. Set in a first-person perspective, Traffic Rider takes racing to a whole new level with fearless stunts, action-packed races, and a myriad of motorbikes to choose from. 


To learn more about the game, check out the following:

  • Drive Fast With Traffic Rider
  • Earn Free Cash In Traffic Rider
  • Play Career Mode
  • Follow Their Facebook And Twitter Page
  • Focus On Your Mission
  • Upgrade Once In A While
Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
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Drive Fast With Traffic Rider

Coming from the developers of Traffic Racer comes Traffic Rider, an all-new mobile racing game with realistic graphics and an adrenaline-pumping experience. I have never seen and played a game like Traffic Rider before. 

Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
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Racing through the different streets on a motorbike and performing stunts and combos has never looked like this much fun. Traffic Rider features 29 new motorbikes with real sounds recorded from the bikes that they were inspired from. 


Get to experience highly detailed environment graphics complete with day and night settings. Go over the Career Mode with over 70 missions to finish or challenge yourself in the Endless Mode.

Playing On Your Phone

Traffic Rider is currently available for download on all mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, at the Google Play Store and the App Store exclusively.

Make sure to download only through these official platforms. The game also includes ads and an in-app purchase function.


Earn Free Cash In Traffic Rider

About three different in-game currencies are being used in Traffic Rider. Cash is the main currency in the game. You will need to find proper ways to earn cash since it is commonly used to purchase new bikes or upgrade your old ones.

Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
Image Source: APK Pure

Apart from Gold which is bought with real money and experience points, cash is the most important currency that you need to have. 

Today, I will show you how you can earn infinite money in Traffic Rider, here's how.

Ride The Opposite Lane

The best advice that I can give you in this game is to ride in the opposite lane. Yes, you heard that right. Most games would want you to race along the right track.

But not in this case; Traffic Rider is somewhat different from your average mobile racing game. It feeds on your thirst for adrenaline, so it rewards you for taking risks. What is riskier than riding the opposite lane where you can collide with other vehicles as you go?

Make sure to try your best to avoid bumping into other cars while riding in the opposite lane. Do this, and you will find yourself receiving a lot of bonus cash at the end of each race.

Play Career Mode

Those who are still new to the game and want to find the most effective way to get an infinite amount of cash try to play many games in the Career Mode; it will definitely help. 

Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
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There are a lot of missions that will reward you with different prizes such as experience and cash. Playing games in Career Mode will often provide you with a lot of experience so you can get to the final levels. 

The final levels of this game will net you around 100,000 cash for each mission that you complete. That is a lot of money, considering the investment you made in playing this game mode. 

The experience you gain when you play in Career Mode is generally high enough that you level up as well once you finish a mission.

Challenge Yourself In Endless Mode

I sometimes want to challenge myself and see how far I can test my skill when it comes to riding my bike. Another way to build experience and get a lot of rewards is to play the Endless Mode. In this mode, I get to overtake other vehicles in the opposing lane.

To fully take advantage of this game mode, try to go for the two-way. In one way mode, you will only get around a hundred experiences every time you overtake a vehicle. However, in two-way mode, you can get as much as three times the experience since it is very dangerous.

Playing the night maps on Endless Mode will also provide me with an additional 30 percent of the total amount of cash. This is quite useful if you plan to purchase some of the most expensive bikes in this game.

Follow Their Facebook And Twitter Page

When I first logged in to Traffic Rider, the game asked me how I wanted to log in. It offered to use my email address or my social media account. I've recently found out that using your social media account to log in to the game has far better rewards than other choices.

Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
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This allows you to connect your social media account to the game. When I followed both their Facebook and Twitter pages, I collected a good amount of cash. 

It's an easy way to earn some cash in the game and could mean the difference between a new bike and your old one.

Take Advantage Of Ads

The fastest way to earn cash in this game, in my opinion, is to watch ads. Apart from the other tips that I'm about to discuss with you, the quickest and easiest way to get infinite money in Traffic Rider is by watching ads on the app. You can do this by tapping on the Gift Box icon on the home screen.

There, you can see if you have already liked the Facebook page, followed their Twitter, and subscribed to their YouTube page. At the bottom of the page, you can see a Video button. Tap on “Watch,” and a video will load.

After watching the first video of the day, you will receive two gold. Continue watching more ads for at least around 30 seconds so you can collect as much as 500 cash for every ad that you watch. There will only be a limited amount of ads that you can watch every day, so make sure to watch them all.

Focus On Your Mission

As I've already mentioned above, the missions in Career Mode are the best way to earn experience and cash in this game. Each mission will be different from the next, becoming progressively more difficult after completing the previous one.

Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
Image Source: The Cryd's Daily

You might be tempted to do many stunts early on but save that for when you play the Endless Mode. You should focus on completing all the missions and get to the end of the game to earn cash. 

When you have enough cash to upgrade your bike or buy a new one, you can try to perform combos to earn even more cash.

Extend Your Time

Each race is bound to a timer. However, you can always extend a few more seconds to complete the mission effectively. Add a few seconds to the timer by racing through a checkpoint which adds a few seconds to the timer.

Another tip to add more time to your mission is to stay as close to the nearest vehicle as possible. Maintain a speed of 100 kph while doing so, and the game will add at least 0.1 seconds to the timer. 

I know it's not a lot, but a split-second can be the difference between finishing your mission or failing.

Upgrade Once In A While

Now that you have enough cash, it is time to spend a little bit upgrading your current bike. Upgrading your bike can mean a lot of things. It can help you reach faster speed or help you control the bike better. 

Find Out How To Have Infinite Money In Traffic Rider
Image Source: Zuuks Games / YouTube

The choice is yours to make, but most importantly, it is essential that you upgrade your bike if you want to beat the game at the highest level. 

Those stuck on a level should contemplate spending a bit of their cash on upgrading their bike and seeing the difference.

Buy A New Bike Instead

If you do not want to go through the process of balancing the stats on your bike, why not buy a new one instead. There are a lot of bikes to choose from, and each of them has its special strengths. 

Read through all the stats on each bike and decide which one favors you the most.

Some bikes offer great power, while others provide better handling. You can also check out each bike and see if they have enough braking. Each of these stats is critical to your success and how you want to ride.


Follow the tips above, and you should be able to get infinite cash in the game. The best part about Traffic Rider is that it can even be played online or offline. 

With its amazing graphics and well-modeled motorcycles, you get a high-quality racing mobile game with Traffic Rider.