Are Next Gen Consoles Really Worth It? See Here

With the advent of new technology comes the race for the ultimate next gen gaming console. Gaming console producers are facing tough competition in the race to see who will bring out the latest and most innovative gaming console in the market. 

This competition is marked with fierce rivalry amongst manufacturers and its millions of fans. However, sometimes one has to wonder if next gen consoles are really worth paying for?


The looming release of Sony's Playstation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X has proven that the hype for new gaming consoles is real. However, there will be times that you might want to take a step back first and see if the product is worth buying as soon as it gets released.

Are Next Gen Consoles Really Worth It? See Here
Image Source: VentureBeat

Weighing the Price Against the Features

Companies such as Microsoft and Sony built their name in the gaming industry through their gaming consoles. They often rely on the hype, and they make it no secret that they are developing hardware that would rival the current competition. 

It has always been that way. However, as soon as the product is announced, it always comes with a hefty price. Most new releases nowadays often come with a limited amount of options. 


These gadgets may have specific issues and bugs that will have to be updated. With the price you pay for such a gaming console that is still in its initial stages, one has to think twice about owning the latest gadget just for the sake of prestige if it is riddled with problematic issues.

The Privilege of Owning the Latest Tech

Speaking of prestige, gamers have always been proud of the gadget or product that they have acquired. Whether it was the latest Playstation 4 or the Nintendo Switch, gamers have the privilege of bragging about having acquired the latest technology that only a few have just experienced. 

While this might be cause for celebration, such privilege can pose a few disadvantages. Knowing that you are only one of the few owners of the console, you also have the least amount of players playing the game. Players will have to wait until the console has reached a broader audience for you to enjoy the games that you like all together.


Few Gaming Options

When it comes to gaming options, new gaming consoles also tend to have fewer gaming options. The advanced technology that the gaming console can support will likely allow only a few games to be played. This leaves a broad audience waiting for more games to become available, and some might even have to wait for a few more years before their games are ported or made available.

Imminent Price Drop

Nothing gets more exciting for a gamer to receive news of a gaming console dropping their prices down to a more reasonable budget.  Ever so often, gamers would wait in line for the next bargain deal when consoles like the Playstation 4 dropped from $399.99 to $349.99 in 2015.

Soon all regions began dropping their prices, meaning everyone could now afford the console. The same happened with Microsoft's Xbox One X when it was released for a hefty price of $500 back in 2017 and is now less than half of its debut price.

Are Next Gen Consoles Really Worth It? See Here
Image Source: PC Mag

Upgraded Versions

A good example is the Playstation 4 which released a smaller version called PlayStation 4 Slim and an upgraded version with enhanced performance in Playstation 4 Pro. These versions are far more superior than the initially-released consoles


With all that in mind, when is the best time to purchase the next gen consoles? It is always good to start checking for any price cuts a few months after the initial release of new consoles. This is the perfect time when manufacturers have made amends with bugs, and technical problems and gaming companies offer new releases that are compatible with the consoles.