Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) - How To Get Money

In the near future, humanity has lost control of society, and the world is plunged into biological warfare. Zombies have risen from the ground, and it is up to a few heroes or avengers, as they say, to help protect humanity. 

Zombie Avengers is a mobile action-adventure side-scrolling game from DreamSky that offers amazing combat, highly detailed graphics, and some of the best action gameplay on a mobile platform.


Want to know more about Zombie Avengers? Check out my guide below on how you can play the game, get more money, where to get better gear, and more.

  • Learn New Heroes
  • Time Your Skills Perfectly
  • Complete Each Chapter To Earn Money
  • Try The Fortune Wheel
  • Tap Gift Pack For More Rewards
Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) - How To Get Money
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Learn New Heroes

The tutorial does a very good job of introducing new players into the game. And while it does have the basic information needed to understand the fundamentals of the game, I think that learning new heroes and playing the game offers a much better experience for newbies.

With so many heroes to play, there is bound to be one that should be your favorite. Each hero will have their own set of devastating skills. What I usually do to learn a new game is to learn the moves of each hero so I can understand what they bring to the table.


Try to broaden your horizon and pick up heroes that you usually do not go for in other games, and you might be surprised at how fun they are to play.

Take Advantage Of Your Partner

Once I have chosen my main hero, I tend to play a lot of games. There are many game modes to choose from, but I would rather suggest that you try to play Hero Dungeon or Battle Event to get experience.

I've also noticed that the game also allows me to choose a partner before heading into the game. Take advantage of your partner at all times. There will be instances that the game becomes challenging, and you will need all the help that you can get.


Use your partner to deal with some of the easier enemies while you take down some of the most significant enemies on the level.

Time Your Skills Perfectly

Each hero in the game will have their own set of skills and special abilities. These skills and abilities are used to fend off or eliminate enemies at each level. However, they also have long cooldowns.

Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) - How To Get Money
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Whenever a skill is on cooldown, I won't be able to use them, and things can get very difficult, especially during the later levels in the game. This is the reason why I always time my skills perfectly and coordinate with my partner.

Each skill can have devastating effects, but I am pretty much a sitting duck waiting to be pounced upon by the enemy whenever they are on cooldown. Use your skills wisely and make sure to use them only when needed.

Grab New Equipment

Skills and abilities might provide destructive damage to the enemies, but they can only be helpful up to a point. Whenever my skills are on cooldown, there's nothing much that I can do apart from slashing and jumping around the area to avoid damage.

This is the reason why having equipment is also a great way to defend me. Whenever I kill a minion, they sometimes drop new equipment and gears that I can get by just walking over them.

These pieces of equipment can be used to provide extra defense or add more damage to the skills and attacks that I already have. Never forget to grab that equipment when they fall to the ground. Check them out after the game and see if they are worth equipping to your hero.

Complete Each Chapter To Earn Money

Gears and equipment are rarely acquired in the game through drops, so I have to either hunt for them during levels or gather enough gold coins and earn money to buy them at the store.

Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) - How To Get Money
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Each piece of equipment will have its own set of stats that can boost the level of damage and defenses for the hero I chose to equip it with. However, getting coins can be difficult in this game. There are only a few options to earn money.

One effective way to get gold coins in Zombie Avengers is to complete each chapter in both Battle Event and Hero Dungeon. While enemy zombies do drop gold coins, they aren't enough to fund your equipment.

Completing each chapter rewards me with many gold coins, so I make sure to complete all of them as quickly as possible.

Use Your Gold Coins At The Lottery

With so much equipment that is randomly given in the game, some of them might not be up to par with your expectations. Some begin to feel weak and underwhelming as I go through each level in the game.

For this reason, upgrading seems to be the best possible option. However, there are also other options for me to get higher-tier equipment without going through the upgrading process. One way to do this is by using the gold coins I've earned to play the lottery.

The lottery is a mini-game that will allow me to get epic gear for free in the game. If I want to get higher-tier gear, then I would have to use the gold coins I've earned and see if I can get better equipment.

Try The Fortune Wheel

Zombie Avengers often have many options for players to enjoy the game without spending real money. There's the lottery that allows me to get better equipment, but one secret method to getting many gold coins in this game is to try the Fortune Wheel.

Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) - How To Get Money
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Not only does the Fortune Wheel feature a lot of rewards, but it also provides players a chance to get better gear and other items in the game without using money.

The game offers free spins at the Fortune Wheel every day, so I suggest checking this option out at the start of the day and see if you can get better rewards to use in the game.

Login With Facebook

Having an advantage in the game is crucial if you want to beat the more difficult levels in the game. One such advantage is having enough gold coins to get better gears so I can defend myself from critical damage from high-level enemies in the game.

It is up to the players to take advantage of all the options that the game has provided. One such option is to log in using my Facebook account. Linking my Facebook to the game gives good rewards, which can help me in the game, especially when it comes to getting stronger.

The game provides a good amount of gold coins and many other items, so I make sure to connect my Facebook account before playing those difficult rounds.

Tap Gift Pack For More Rewards

Another way to get even more rewards is to check out some gifts. I noticed that the game has an option called Gift Pack at the top left corner of the screen.

Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) - How To Get Money
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Make sure to tap Gift Pack and see what surprises await you. I can only receive one Gift Pack every day, so I always make sure that I check it out daily. Players in dire need of gold coins and better gear should check out this option to give you a better chance of survival.

Zombie Avengers want you to play the game, so go ahead and take advantage of all the rewards and prizes given to us for free.

Watch Ads And Receive Diamonds

And finally, the easiest and the best possible option to get diamonds in Zombie Avengers is to watch ads and videos. Diamonds can only be purchased with real money, and it can be not easy if you cannot afford to buy them.

There are many exclusive items, heroes, and benefits that I can get if I purchase them using diamonds. For those who are struggling, there is still an option for you to get the diamonds that you need so that you can unlock some of these rewards.

Watch the ads in the game, and you'll receive at least a few diamonds. Do this every day, and you'll soon notice that you've collected a lot of diamonds. You can then spend them on some exclusive items that should give you a lot of power in the game.


Getting gold coins in Zombie Avengers is very easy if you already know where to find them. I hope the tips above will help you discover many ways to get gold coins effectively and use them to upgrade your gear or get better heroes to join you in your battles.

Zombie Avengers is available for download on the mobile platform. Check the game out at the Google Play Store.