Learn the Story Behind Armored Core 4

When it comes to video games, the 21st century has seen an influx of the most wildest stories you could expect. That’s why you have the likes of Armored Core 4 taking over the market.

This is one of the games that try to show the story of the world after a huge war occurred and left everything destroyed. But what really is the story behind the game other than what we have envisioned can happen in case the world falls into war? 


You can try to fill in the blanks but this game gives you a better feel. To find out more about the game and on what platforms it is available on, you need to read below. 

Learn the Story Behind Armored Core 4
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Armored Core 4

As stated earlier, this game depicts the scenes that can happen if the world does ever fall into a great war. You have corporations taking over the leadership of the world after governments fall. After that, another war ensues between the corporations.

These pits the corporations who use massive combat robots, Armored cores. Now, the game has seen a rise from the first one that is offered. And with Armored 4, you have almost the same features that the previous ones had.


The player’s main game points are to take missions from various clients and get credits in return. These credits are part of the currencies that are used in the game. They can be used to unlock the part of the game that is locked – these are the unlockable parts and weapons.

Platforms the Game is Available

With a game like this, you’d expect it to be available across a number of platforms, that isn’t the case. First of all, the game was first released in December 21st, 2006 only for PlayStation

Today, however, the game is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only.



The game is a third-person shooter game, so you can expect a lot of action to take place within the game. When you take a mission for a client, you’ll need to fight your way through countless enemies. 

The clients’ idea to hire you is to take control of the world at large and you need to win against the rival corporations. You can play the game in a single-player mode or a multiplayer mode too. 

The more you win, either as a single-player or a multiplayer mode, you get credit credits that will help you level up. It’s easy to win battles with better weapons that are locked and the credits can unlock them.

You can also take part in the 1-on-1 battle - this happens when an arena mechanic returns and makes it happen. When you fight 1-on-1, this can also happen when you play against the AI. 

Even if you’re playing on multiplayer mode - there’s no time you’ll fight against the person you’re playing with.


With this game, you have a number of modes that you can use to build an AC unit. This unit can be used for both test and combat – in the test mode, you can test your AC’s abilities.

Assemble - here, you get to build an AC from the pool of parts that you have available.

Simulation - this is a version of the Arena found in previous core games.

Learn the Story Behind Armored Core 4
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Test - this launches a test of the AC which is a simulation model. Here, you don’t have to purchase any parts.

Tutorial - this is where you get a clear idea of how you can play the game and what routes to use.

Schematics - here you get a library of designs and here you can have up to 5 sections.


With a game like Armored Core 4, you have a number of moving parts that make the game interesting. And the story behind the game is the same as what you may have imagined when you think of when the whole world turns chaotic.