Learn How to Get Cash in 8 Ball Pool

If you like playing pool games with your friends, you should download 8 Ball Pool and challenge your friends in a PvP match. You get to play against other players in a free online competition of 3D pool games.

8 Ball Pool lets you customize your own pool table and cue while giving you some of the most exciting PvP matches. In such a competitive environment, you should learn how to use your resources to your advantage. 


This is why learning how to get free cash is essential if you want to get an advantage against your opponents. Here's how you can earn free cash in 8 Ball Pool.

  • Keep On Playing to Earn Cash
  • Link Your Facebook Account and Get Free Cash
  • Play Spin and Win to Get Surprise Rewards
Learn How to Get Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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Keep On Playing to Earn Cash

Earning cash in 8 Ball Pool takes a lot of time and effort on the player's part. That's because one of the most common ways to earn cash in this game is to keep on playing. 

Learn How to Get Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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Playing the game will let you earn cash at the end of each match regardless if you win or lose. You can earn more cash than what you're used to if you do win the match. 


Continue playing and harness your skills and accuracy so you can earn more cash faster. Learn how to shoot your shot, when to cue faster, and the type of spin you need to use. 

Participate in Special Tournaments

8 Ball Pool holds different kinds of events and special tournaments. One of these is the special free tournament where you can play online against other players. This special tournament consists of several matches played in the “Best Out Of” format. 

You must win as many times as possible to proceed in the tournament and reach the finals. 


In this tournament, you even get the chance to win real money. Winning the entire tournament will earn you the most rewards and the coveted title of champion. 

Link Your Facebook Account

You'll notice this type of promotion if you are an avid mobile game player. 8 Ball Pool is one of those mobile games that let you have the option to link your Facebook account to the game. 

Learn How to Get Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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This way, you don't have to log in using any other details aside from tapping the Facebook option. 

This also lets you invite your friends to the platform and share your progress which counts as a free advertisement for the game. 

As a reward for linking your account to the game, you get free cash that you can spend on important items.

Win and Open Surprise Boxes

Check the bottom portion of the home screen and you'll notice that there are box slots. Every time you win a match, you get rewarded with surprise boxes. 

These boxes contain random rewards such as cash and other items that you can use in the game. This is why you need to master your skills in playing the game so you win more matches. 

Check these box slots regularly since these boxes go on cooldown after opening them.

Earn Cash with Spin and Win

Another way to earn cash in 8 Ball Pool is by taking advantage of different game modes. One such game mode is Spin and Win. 

Learn How to Get Cash in 8 Ball Pool
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You get to spin a slot machine that will reward you with different prizes such as cash, coins, and mystery boxes. You'll consume spins every time you use this game mode. 

The prizes in this game mode can also include free spins which will give you the chance to spin more and earn more rewards. 

Play Spin and Win every day so you can earn cash and start building your cues and tables.

Log In Every Day

There is another way to get free cash in 8 Ball Pool is to simply log in and play every day. Every time you log in to the game you get the chance to win prizes. 

When you log in consecutively, you'll also win even more prizes. Some of these prizes include free spins, free cash and coins, and sometimes, even a Lucky 8 Cue. 

Don't forget to log in every day so you can win these prizes.


8 Ball Pool is a fun mobile pool game to play together with your friend. Don't forget to link your account to Facebook so you can earn cash and invite your friends at the same time. Make sure you follow the tips given above to help you get free cash.

8 Ball Pool is available to download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store today!