Learn About the Highest Selling Video Game Console

PlayStation 2 has maintained the position of highest selling video game console for some time without any threat of losing it anytime soon. 

Much as PlayStation 4 has also been hugely successful in the last five plus years, it is still lagging behind PlayStation 2. Both consoles are Sony’s babies, so it’s like competing against its sibling.


For PlayStation 4 to beat PlayStation 2, Sony would have to sell 10 million units annually for the next six years which is highly unlikely. PlayStation 2 was released on March 4, 2000 and has sold 159 million units. We'll tell you why, next. 

Learn About the Highest Selling Video Game Console


On January 31, 2011, PlayStation 2 is said to have sold 150 million copies to its retailers. This Sony’s console was and still remains the best selling video game console of all time. 

It is ahead of Nintendo DS by 5 million units sold while other consoles are outsold.  It is even said that through March 2012, PS2 sales increased to 155.1 million units. It also sold software and made sales of 1.5 billion units.


If that info is anything to go by, then Sony is a huge success because it is unlikely that any console will match its monstrous sales anytime soon. 


PlayStation 2 had a library of over 3500 games and was the most cost-effective DVD player of that time. The combination of these two features is likely to appeal to most people, if not all.

There are many great games out there, and PS2 has a whole bunch more than other consoles.


Some of the games included Metal Gear Solid 3, Grand Theft Auto III, God of War, Final Fantasy X, and Gran Turismo 4. Video games had never looked or played better. It was an era of video games that can never be forgotten.


Do you know you don’t need to buy a DVD player once you have PS2? On top of playing high-end video games, PS2 has a USB support and is suitable for DVD Playback. 

Moreover, with all these functions, it was the most affordable console at the time. It also has realistic graphics and  great sound effects. 

You can also get blown away by a range of games in its library-ranging from martial arts to adventurous games and others. You can also listen to your favorite music or play movies with it.

Enhancing Creativity and Skills

Since video games are not meant for a particular section of people, Sony kept in mind that all age groups will be using their PS2. Hence people who are using PS2, on top of playing games learn to share ideas and techniques easily. 

New players learn from experienced ones through the internet. Players are allowed to share information and even select a game via the internet.


Being movable and lightweight is the latest addition in any technology. People already have a lot going on to also worry about carrying heavy gadgets around. 

PlayStation 2 is lightweight and keeps getting better from its previous series. Not only does it improve the weight balance, but also its aesthetic too.

Learn About the Highest Selling Video Game Console
photo credit:us.playstation.com


PlayStation 2 has a ‘vibration’ function which has a special feature of DualShock Controller. Its memory card of 8MB memory capacity is coordinated with the new feature. 

The memory card is intended to check its unlicensed production while the ‘vibration’ feature improves player experience in the game so you feel a bit of a buzz in the game.


Much as new video games and consoles keep coming up and old ones getting updated, there are some that have made an indelible mark. PlayStation 2 is a legacy-making console that seems to grow better with age.