How to Get More Free Lives in Subway Surfers

Released in 2012 for mobile devices, Subway Surfers has become one of the most popular mobile games of all time, with more than 1 billion downloads. The mobile game is developed by SYBO games and currently holds one of the top spots as one of the best mobile games to play.


Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile game where you play as a group of teenagers who must escape the police and their police dog while surfing through the subway tracks. Players collect coins along the way to upgrade their chosen character and hoverboard. 

Learn more about Subway Surfers and how to get free lives in the game in this article.

  • Coins Go a Long Way
  • Complete Missions to Unlock More Rewards
  • Maximize the Use of Magnets
  • Watch Ads to Get Free Lives
How to Get More Free Lives in Subway Surfers
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Coins Go a Long Way

There is a reason why collecting coins is one of the main objectives of playing Subway Surfers. Coins allow you to purchase different items that help you in the game. 

How to Get More Free Lives in Subway Surfers
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You can buy Mystery Boxes that contain different freebies depending on the tiers. You can even unlock new Surfers or characters in the game. Players can also exchange coins for different boosters or even let you skip missions so you don't have to do them. 


You also develop skills while trying to collect coins as you surf the subway with your hoverboard. At most, all you need to do is to collect as many coins as possible and spend them on meaningful items in the game to become the best at Subway Surfers.

Always Take Advantage of Multipliers and Headstarts

As soon as you have enough coins to spend, make sure that you try out different boosters to help you in the game. Boosters are designed to make your gaming experience better. One of the best boosters in the game is multipliers. 

Multipliers simply multiply the number of coins that you've collected along the way. You can either double or triple the number of coins that you can collect when you have this on your character. 

Headstarts are also good when you want to get a headstart in the game. You are immediately thrust farther into the level so the police won't be able to catch up to you.

Complete Missions to Unlock More Rewards

Missions are available for each player to complete in the game. Each mission has a set of objectives that you need to complete for each level of the game. 

Some of the objectives include collecting a certain amount of coins while others can be more challenging like using your skills for an amount of time. 

Each mission is unique and should always be achieved before the end of each level. Make sure to read them first before you play the game so you don't have to redo the entire level because you missed some. 

Once you complete the missions, you'll receive rewards that include coins, keys, and other freebies.

Invest in Your Hoverboard

Once you have enough resources, upgrade your hoverboard for more speed and even unlock new characters. 

Having upgraded hoverboards simply elevates your gaming experience and allows you to collect more coins and perform different stunts. A better hoverboard can also mean better speed so be sure to select one that fits your needs either for performance or aesthetics.

These are just some of the fun ways to play Subway Surfers and at the end of the day, even if you have the basic hoverboard, you can still play the game as it is. 

Maximize the Use of Magnets

There are a lot of boosters in Subway Surfers. Some might say that using the multipliers is a great way to boost your earnings but one of the best ways to collect coins is to use the Magnet booster. 

How to Get More Free Lives in Subway Surfers
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The Magnet booster allows you to collect all the coins from different lanes without having to switch between them. 

All you need to do is to activate the Magnet booster and surf through the subway, stay in a single lane, and let the magnet do its job. 

This is highly recommended to do, especially if you have a mission that requires you to collect a huge amount of coins to complete. Use the Magnet booster and you'll be rich in no time.

Claim Freebies in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a mobile game where you tend to get a lot of freebies. Many of these freebies can be claimed when you initially log in to the game for the day. 

Log into the game every day and you will get amazing surprises and freebies such as free coins, boosters, and even keys. Soon, you'll find yourself having exclusive hoverboards and even unlocking rare characters in the game. 

You can also retrieve free stuff from the store or receive gifts from your friends. Make sure to collect all of the freebies before you log off from the game afterward.

Watch Ads to Get Free Lives

If you do get caught by the police, you have the option to restart the same level instead of restarting the entire game. You will only need to get keys so you can have an extra life to play the game. 

How to Get More Free Lives in Subway Surfers
Image Source: Throneful / YouTube

However, keys are somewhat hard to come by so they don't come often. This means that you need to be extra careful when playing the game. 

The best way to get free lives in Subway Surfers is to watch ads. Once you get caught, the game will prompt you to choose either to spend a key to continue the game or watch an ad. 

Choose to watch an ad instead of using your precious keys.

Gather Keys and Unlock Rewards

You already know how important keys are in this game but you also need to know where you can find them. Keys are often given when you watch an ad but you can also get them by connecting your Facebook account to your game account. 

You can also obtain keys by opening the mystery boxes you can get by completing each level and by purchasing them using your coins. 

If you have real money to spend, you can also purchase them from the in-game store. Use these keys wisely by purchasing specific hoverboards and infusing your hoverboards with special abilities.


Subway Surfers is an incredibly fun and exciting endless runner mobile game to play. With its fast-paced gameplay and cast of colorful characters, you will surely have plenty of fun playing the different levels of this game.

Download Subway Surfers from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today.