Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages

Minecraft is a widely popular game where you get to create different items by gathering resources around you. All you need is a little bit of imagination, a ton of creativity, and a lot of hard work to achieve your goals of creating different things.

One of the many things that you can create in Minecraft as a player is houses. You can even start your village if you know how to create one. There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of when you learn how to create villages in the game.


Get to know more about the game, how to play it, how to create villages, and more with the guide below. These tips and tricks will help you have more fun playing Minecraft.

  • Take Advantage of the Coordinates to Build Your Village
  • Trap Villagers to Prevent Them from Escaping
  • Take Cover by Hiding in Caves
  • Use Lava as Your Fuel Source
  • Make Good Use of the Mining Tools
  • Explore Different Biomes
Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages
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Take Advantage of the Coordinates to Build Your Village

Creating a village has many advantages in Minecraft. Villagers tend to have different types of professions which you can always benefit from. 

This is why building a village is one of the most critical aspects when playing Minecraft. Once you've decided you want to create a village, the question now is where you're going to build it. 


There are different areas in the game that are prime locations to build a village but if you want to extend your search, turn on the coordinates in the game. 

You can take note of the potential locations, assess which ones are the best for your strategy, and get back to that specific location to start building.

Learn How to Build a Village

Building a village in Minecraft involves a complex process. You'll need to act fast and have all the resources that you need. First, you will need to build a few houses even if they are basic ones. 


You'll need at least one bed inside the basic house for it to be considered an actual house. Fill your village with cured zombie villagers or you can kidnap other villagers from other towns. 

Once you have your villagers, it is time for them to populate your town by meeting their breeding demands. Keep on repeating this process until your village is filled with a lot of villagers.

Trap Villagers to Prevent Them from Escaping

When you're out looking for villagers to fill your village, make sure that you trap them inside their village first. 

Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages
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It may sound cruel at first but the thing is, they see you as an antagonist. It is only right that they want to fight back or try to escape. 

Prevent them from escaping by blocking both entrance and exit first before you enter and invade their village. 

You can then woo them to become part of your village.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Playing Minecraft can be quite addicting that you tend to forget that your character also needs to eat. Make sure you've gathered enough food that will last you for a couple of days. 

This will help restore your health and sustain yourself whenever you're in combat with the enemy. There are a lot of food resources that you can collect around you. 

You can even grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables if you're into farming or gardening.

Take Cover by Hiding in Caves

You already know by now that nighttime in Minecraft is quite dangerous, especially for new players. Monsters lurk around and attack you if you let your guard down. 

Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages
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Traditionally, many new players often try their best to build a house before nightfall. There might not be a lot of time for you to build one so others try to build a fence around themselves at night for defense. 

There are a lot of creative ways to fend off the monsters and one of which is to take cover in caves. Craft a torch and when night falls, head over to the nearest cave and position yourself in a safe spot. 

The caves are one of the safest areas in the game but do bring a torch and some weapons with you in case you might have to defend yourself.

Build Walls to Keep Monsters at Bay

As mentioned above, there are many ways to protect yourself from monsters at night. Hiding in caves and making shelters are great ways to fend off monsters. As a new player, you won't have enough time to build a shelter, and sometimes, exploring can take a while. 

This is why it is also good to build walls around you to keep monsters at bay. Building walls keep the monsters outside of your camp while you work towards building your house. 

As long as you have gathered enough resources for the day, go ahead and build that wall. Remember to always have a torch lit somewhere near you so you can also see at night and avoid getting swarmed by monsters.

Use Lava as Your Fuel Source

Now that you've finally built your house, it is time to make sure you stay warm and have heat inside your home. There are a lot of resources that you can gather to keep the fire going and help your furnace maintain its heat. 

Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages
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There's wood and other flammable resources but the best way to keep your furnace alive is to gather lava. Whenever you find a good lava source, mark it and come back once you have a bucket. 

Gather as much lava as you can and use it as fuel. It is also a good way to smelt items. 

Lava is also used to create obsidian which is one of the most important materials in the game.

Be Aware of Your Item’s Durability

Speaking of items, each time you use your item you're slowly diminishing its durability. The more you use the item, the more you lower its durability. Do not wait until it is extremely low or you'll suffer the consequences. 

You may not be able to use the item if its durability is already low or it can even break. You might have to gather another set of materials to craft the item which can take some time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to be aware of your item's durability. 

You don't want to be caught up in a fight with a monster and experience low durability with your item. Repair your items as often as possible to prevent this from happening.

Make Good Use of the Mining Tools

Tools are required for you to gather different resources in the game. Mining tools such as an ax, shovel, pickaxe, and other items are used to get resources to build different structures or craft other items. 

Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages
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Each item has its drop rate meaning the higher the drop rate, the more resources you collect. Enchant your mining tools to increase its drop rate. 

Having the Fortune Enchantment allows you to get multiple drops from the same area while having Efficiency Enchantment allows you to destroy and mine more blocks. 

These enchantments are very useful if you plan on building structures and crafting items efficiently. As such, they are great for building a village.

Tap Into Your Creativity and Have Some Fun

The best part about playing Minecraft is all about tapping into your creativity. You get to create something out of different resources and materials that you have gathered. 

Get creative with your materials or ingredients and learn the different methods of crafting new items or building new structures. There are so many things that you can create in this game and that's where the fun lies. 

You can even create torches, make your food, build your shelter, and decide what kind of shelter you like. All you need to do is give in to your imagination and let the creativity flow.

Explore Different Biomes

Apart from the different items you can craft from the resources that you collect, there are also so many areas to explore in Minecraft. 

Minecraft - Learn How to Create Villages
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These areas are divided into regions called biomes. Each biome contains a specific theme or ecology which will tell you the kind of resources that are in the area. 

There are grasslands, swamps, an underground network of caves, forests, and many other biomes that you can fully explore. 

Take the time to indulge yourself in the environment and the world of Minecraft. One of the best and safest biomes to explore is the Mushroom biome.

How to Download Minecraft

Now that you've learned quite a lot about Minecraft, it's time to learn where and how to download the game so you can start your journey. 

Minecraft is available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Start the download process by tapping Install and wait until the game is installed before you tap Open. 

This will launch the game and you can start playing. Remember that you will need to pay for the game before you can download it.


Playing Minecraft and creating the perfect village is something that many players aspire to do. These are just some of the tips that will help you create your community and thrive within the world of Minecraft. 

Don't forget to follow these techniques and enjoy playing the game with friends! We hope these tips help you build a village in Minecraft, one of the best games on the market!