Good iOS Games for Children - See Here

Children are well-adept at learning a lot of new things when they are still young. Games can assist in the learning process. Playing games boost their confidence and enhance their overall development. 

Some games are designed to teach the little one's about life and encourage them to use their imagination. The good thing about games is that it is readily available through our mobile phones.


Apple's App Store has a myriad of games that are best suited for children. Parents can now provide their children with a compelling and fun experience. Read on to learn about some of the best iOS games that are especially geared towards young children.

Good iOS Games for Children - See Here

Endless Alphabet

Designed to help children learn, Endless Alphabet is a fun and interactive way for your kids to learn about the alphabet. The use of cute creatures and talking letters create a very lighthearted experience for children to learn. 


The game also features an exciting and fun puzzle game that will assist with the learning process. With over 100 words that can be learned in the game, this game will help children interact and learn the alphabet in a quirky fashion. 

The fun thing about this app is that there are no scores which mean there are no failures or limits that might discourage the learning process.

Developed by Originator Inc., Endless Alphabet is one of the most interactive mobile games for kids. You can purchase and download the app at the App Store.



Peek-a-Zoo is an interactive game that uses nursery rhymes to help kids ages 2 to 5 to learn more about animals. This game offers different activities, including how to identify animals by name and to learn various social and emotional cues. 

Developed by the award-winning team from Duck Duck Moose, Peek-a-Zoo has garnered several awards including the Parents' Choice Award and an award for Best Children's App. This highly-lauded app also teaches children different actions and positions that are applicable in real life.

The use of funny animal noises and sounds also keeps the game grounded in reality. With a team of experts in the field, Peek-a-Zoo remains on top of the list of good iOS games for children.


Miximal is a fun and exciting game that is based on flipbooks that parents usually read to their children. In this updated version, the game uses hand-drawn animation along with sound and music to make the game more akin to the original childhood experience.

Children can mix and match different animals and syllables to learn a wide variety of words. One can have over a thousand unique combinations that your toddler will indeed find educational and fun at the same time.

Developed by YATATOY Oy, the game is highly recommended for children ages four and above. It features different languages from English, Spanish, French, and many more and is compatible with many iOS devices.

Toca Band

Good iOS Games for Children - See Here

Toca Band is a highly educational yet delightful game. The game is fun and easy; it allows children to play with their imagination and tap into their musicality. 

It promises new and inventive ways to create music, along with fun animation and sound effects. Combine different instruments to create music and even make a song that you can dance along.

With its amazing yet simple graphics, children can follow through with the app and create new combinations and explore many sounds. A fun and easy way to introduce children to the world of music, Toca Band is one of the unique games for children that you can download over the App Store.


Learning must always be a fun experience for a child. It helps them develop their learning process and improve the way they acquire knowledge. 

These iOS games will surely help them learn in a more fun and exciting way. Download these games now to start having fun with your kids!